Dr. Bolarinwa Akinola

Consultant Orthopaedics, Trauma and Limb Reconstruction Surgeon

FRCS (Tr. & Orth.); MPH (Lon); MBBS (Ib.)

Your Questions

Consultation Fees

My consultation fees vary according to practice location. Kindly contact me on Whatsapp for more information. During your consultation please come along with all of your imaging, lab tests, and medication.


Do you see children? 

Yes. My comprehensive Orthopaedic training includes being able to assess and treat many orthopaedic conditions in children.

Do you operate on children?

I operate on children for many Orthopaedic conditions. For children requiring highly complex surgeries, I liaise with sub specialist qualified colleagues to offer them tailored care.


Do you always perform surgeries? 

I only perform surgeries where indicated. I understand that many people are anxious about undergoing surgery and is not a decision to be taken lightly. During my consultation, I will outline both non-surgical and surgical options, including the pros and cons. The decision to proceed with surgery is always a considered, conscious, meticulous and informed process.


Do you travel to consult or perform surgeries?

I can, dependent on the circumstances. Kindly contact me on Whatsapp for further discussions.

Home visits

Do you do home visits?

I can, dependent on the circumstances. Kindly contact me on Whatsapp for further discussions.

Referrals / 2nd opinion

Do you accept referrals from other health professionals?

Yes I do. I prefer, in these instances, if such referrals are accompanied by a comprehensive medical report.

Do you see patients for 2nd opinions?

Yes I do. It would be helpful to have a medical report from the other health professional that has attended to the patient.

Do you refer patients to other health professionals?

Yes I do this regularly. I refer patients for 2nd opinions from other respected colleagues. I also refer patients for complex cases where I do not have the required expertise. I also refer to other specialities for non-Orthopaedic related conditions that I may have unearthed during my consultation.

Do you refer patients for treatment outside the country?

As a result of my training in the UK and South Africa, I do have a rich network of contacts that I can readily refer patients to outside the country, at the patient’s request. I am also able to bring in overseas based surgeons to perform surgeries in Nigeria under my care.